Your Guide to Austin and Central Texas
Government / Civic
Austin is the capitol of the great state of Texas. This fact cannot help but influence every aspect of life and activity in Austin. State government is the largest employer and state properties occupy a large portion of the city. The State University and a great many other state run facilities and services reside in Austin.

Austin also has a strong and active (some might say "colorful" and "controversial") city government. City policies often earn Austin the reputation as being "progressive" or "Green". And perplexingly, Austin is sometimes viewed as both "liberal" and "conservative" at the same time. Government in Austin and in Texas is never dull!

State Government
The official website for the State of Texas provides access to state and local government agencies.
County Government
Includes county information, departments, upcoming elections, and news.
Municipal Government - Austin
The City of Austin practices a Council-Manager form of government. The Mayor and Council appoint the City Manager, who serves as the Chief Administrator of the City organization. Texas does not have townships, areas within a county are either incorporated or unincorporated. Incorporated areas are part of a city, though the city may contract with the county for needed services. Unincorporated areas are not part of a city; in these areas the county has authority for law enforcement and road maintenance.

Special Districts
Special districts include Groundwater Conservation Districts (regulatory agencies), river authorities, water supply districts (for irrigation or municipal supply), public hospitals, road districts, and community colleges. As with municipal elections in Texas, board members or trustees are elected on a nonpartisan basis or may be appointed.
Civic Organizations
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