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78721 Real Estate & 78721 Homes for Sale

This section is a catalog of current home listings for all of Austin and it's surrounding suburban communities organized by zip code. Each page contains a complete set of home listings for the selected zip code.

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78721 Home Listings

East Austin is Growing Up

Whether tired of being left behind other parts of the city or simply finally getting its turn, East Austin experienced a rebirth in the form of new construction over the last several years. Most people think of growth as a good thing, but remember that growing pains sometimes accompany these spurts. The value of Austin real estate for sale has increased as has the value of homes in general. Higher property taxes have accompanied the region's growth, making some property owners unhappy. This being said, prices for Austin homes for sale in the East are still some of the lowest in the city.

The changes taking place in East Austin have made Austin home listings very interesting. The development of the area makes it more attractive to some potential buyers and less attractive to some of the residents already there. Therefore, to some extent the population is changing, which is promoting even more change in the area to accommodate new residents.

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